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Lucky Number 2013.

new year  Well, you wouldn’t know it from my blog but I did actually do a few things in 2012 like:

(1) Went on a Habitat for Humanity build (in Mongolia) [#142];
(2) Attended the Naadam Festival in Mongolia [#96];
(3) Rappelled down a sky scraper [#139]; and
(4) Flew a BlackHawk helicopter simulator…

Along with a few other things, of course.  In the coming weeks, to meet my goal of blogging at least three times a week, I will likely be writing about these experiences in addition to the new ones to come  in 2013.

Speaking of, some of the adventures/experiences I am shooting for  in 2013 include:

  • Bhutan/Tibet
  • Alaska

And some of the projects specifically being tacked in January include:

  • No TV for 1 month (#179)
  • go to sleep by 10 PM for 1 week (#399)
  • sleep 9 hours a day for 1 month (#398)
  • drink nothing but water for 2 weeks (#405)
  • no sugar for 1 month (#408)

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